VETS ONE - Emission Testing System

Vehicle Emissions Test System

VETS ONE consists of three major components:

  1. Test Request Computer (Windows-based operating system) to request and evaluate emission tests. The VETS ONE application running on this computer contains a complete representation of the test-cell devices and options.
  2. Test Cell Computer (Linux-based operating system) to prepare and run the requested emission tests at the test cell. The VETS ONE application on this computer contains the Real-Time Engine responsible for the test control.
  3. Central Database (Linux-based operating system) to provide all the necessary data for requesting, running and evaluating emission tests.

The modular system structure ensures an efficient and safe test operation. By separating the test run from the planning and evaluation activities, it is possible to carry out several actions simultaneously. The central database is used as a storing source for all test sequences to guarantee data consistency at any time.



Fields of Application

  • Automation of test cells which have diverse requirements for equipment interfacing and/or standard software
  • Emission testing of gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuel vehicles
  • Certification according to EPA, CARB, ECE and Japanese regulations
  • Research and development - especially where support of specialized equipment or test procedures is needed
  • Emission verification and component evaluation
  • COP (Conformity of Production) test cells


Benefits of VETS ONE

  • VETS ONE is flexible - any number of test cells can be integrated in the VETS ONE Architecture.
  • Dynamic - wide range of measurement components can be implemented in the automation.
  • Reliable and fast - network of test-cell devices is easy to trace.
  • Safe - VETS ONE receives the latest configuration from the Central Database before each test.
  • Highly stable - VETS ONE Test Request Computer is separated from the VETS ONE Real-Time Engine.
  • Customer-Oriented - We offer powerful and fast after-sales support with a hotline.


VETS ONE's Central Database serves as huge test repository offering flexible access for evaluation programs.


Measuring vehicle emissions on a chassis dynamometer
Measuring vehicle emissions on a chassis dynamometer
To comply with newest emission legislation it is necessary to test vehicle emissions on chassis dynamometer with the corresponding driving cycles.


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