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Liquid Source Vaporization System

HORIBA is one of the leading providers of high performance vaporizers. HORIBA’s liquid source vaporizers are used throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process to safely and efficiently deliver liquid precursors in gas phase to the point of use. Wherever a liquid precursor requires vaporizing in vacuum or atmospheric pressure, HORIBA have a vaporizing technique to offer a vaporizer to meet your requirements. HORIBA have more than 30 years vaporizing knowhow using direct injection, mixed injection, bubbling and baking vaporization techniques.

HORIBA’s Liquid Source Vaporizers can vaporize liquid materials stably and efficiently. Our vaporizers can also be linked to HORIBA’s range of automatic refill systems to provide safe and continuous delivery of vapor to the point of use. There is no downtime as bulk precursor tanks can be exchanged without interrupting the manufacturing process.

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