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Pressure Control

HORIBA offer a choice of products within pressure control to monitor, regulate or control the pressure in a gas supply line.

HORIBA pressure control products include digital high performance pressure sensors and piezo valves. They can help eliminate the effects of cross talk caused by switching high flow lines.

HORIBA wafer cooling system uses helium gas to reduce heat damage and our exhaust pressure controller maintains a consistent level of pressure in a chamber.

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Vapor Concentration Control
Semiconductor Manufacturing Process
Vapor concentration control of precursors provide substantial improvement in stabilizing MOCVD processes. By measuring a precursor partial pressure in a downstream line with a Non Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology and controlling its total pressure, a precursor concentration can be kept constant. This precursor concentration control is validated as a practical method against a temperature fluctuation of a cylinder bath and a failure of reaching a saturation pressure in a cylinder.
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