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Wet Process Control

HORIBA’s range of products for chemical  process control and wet process monitoring are used throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process and other high performance applications to improve process stability and reduce waste. 

Chemical Concentration Monitor

HORIBA’s chemical concentration monitors are used in critical cleaning and etching processes of high tech industries like the semiconductor manufacturing process. Our monitors measure the concentration of various chemical materials i.e. SC-1, SC-2, SPM, HF etc. in real-time.

HORIBA's chemical concentration monitors can measure single components as well as up to eight components simultaneously (depending on product model). HORIBA’s in line and offline high performance process monitors  ensure a perfect match to your manufacturing process and facilities.

All our models require low maintenance and are extremely robust. They offer highly accurate and repeatable process monitoring to improve your high value process and reduce waste.

In-line pH Monitors

pH is one of the most common parameters tested across a wide range of industries. HORIBA’s in-line pH monitors are used in the manufacturing process for various industries; including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and agriculture.

Where there is a need to continuously measure pH, our high quality in-line pH monitors can help improve manufacturing quality and productivity by collecting and recording critical process data over time.

Ultra-Pure Water Monitor

Some manufacturing industries require a consistent and reliable source of purified or ultra-pure water. Examples of these are: Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical and Power Generation. Water is treated to remove impurities and conditioned depending on the application.

HORIBA offer a highly sensitive silica monitor for monitoring ultra-pure or purified water. This monitor is widely used in the cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing process.

Chemical Concentration Monitor


In-line pH Monitors


Ultra-Pure Water Monitor


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