Spectroscopic Analysis of Red Wines with Aqualog

Spectroscopic Analysis of Red Wines with Aqualog

HORIBA’s Aqualog, a wine analysis instrument, is uniquely equipped with patented simultaneous Absorbance spectral and fluorescence excitation-emission matrix (EEM) technology which provides rapid access to a wide range of parameters important to commercial wine processing and quality characterization. The Aqualog acquires a complete UVVIS spectrum including the industry standard Absorbance wavelength values at 280, 420, 520 and 620 nm which are important to evaluate a wine’s phenolic content, Hue and Intensity. The Aqualog also reports the Transmission spectrum which can be used to determine the CIELab Tri-Coordinate Color Descriptions. Most importantly, the Aqualog reports a NIST-traceable EEM which can be evaluated using multivariate statistics. EEM analysis fingerprints yield qualitative and quantitative composition of key flavor and color determinants that are not discernable with simple Absorbance or Transmission data analysis. Together the Absorbance, Transmission and EEM data can be used to evaluate lot-to-lot, regional, and varietal characteristics, as well as sense the effects of oxidation and sulfite treatment, thus making the Aqualog a valuable fluorescence and absorbance spectroscopy tool for industrial wine characterization.

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Fine Wine-Making with the Help of HORIBA Tech

Wineries typically send out samples of the grapes to analytical labs to be tested on costly, hard to maintain equipment. 

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