Data Management

Data Management

Data management includes software and services that provide an interface between in vitro diagnostic (IVD) instruments and Laboratory Information System (LIS) or between instruments in the same work area.

Lab integration is a key benefits of data managers allowing labs to link and synchronize slide maker stainer, Digitalizer, specialized analyzer (ESR, HbA1C) with hematology analyzers.

An automated system can drive tubes or racks through Middleware in order to perform CBC, Diff, NRBC, Reticulocytes, Optical Extinction PLT, Slide, Digitalization and non hematology testing (ESR, HbA1C). They can also interact with Pre and Post analytical systems involved in sample processing, archiving and retrieval.

Due to the laboratory consolidation in many countries, Data managers evolved to match with multi sites architecture, standardization of testing rules, data reporting, and sample management.

Laboratories are continuously challenged to decrease TAT while performing higher volumes and maintaining high data quality despite labor shortage and tightening budgets. Middleware helps laboratory manager to monitor the effectiveness of their production with Key Performance Indicators (TAT, Worklist…). A key of hematology middleware is also to let physician focusing on complicated cases (pathological samples) while the data manager handles the non pathological result review with tailor made rules (rerun, reflex, comment, validation).

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