Quality Assurance Program

HORIBA is providing a full solution to answer the laboratory needs. 

Tha Quality Assurance Program (QAP), is a package of four different tools, that will allow you to manage the quality and the standardization of your results :

- The Control Quality Program (QCP), will allows you a monitoring of the quality of your results, comparing them with hundreds of laboratories all over the world, and within different indicators (CV, Precision, Accuracy, SD, means, Sigma…). 

- The Quality Slide Program (QSP), will allows an assessment of the technician’s ability to read a slide, and a continuous training of cells morphology identification. 
All the technicians being evaluated and trained on the same reference classification, this software will increase the standardization of the slide reading in your laboratory.

- Hematovision is a tool proposed by HORIBA for free and directly available on our website and mobile app. This is about a cytological atlas, where the technicians will be able to find every blood cells morphology (normal and abnormal ones). This solution would help them in their daily work.

- HORIBA is providing guiding documents to help the laboratories to get the 15189 ISO accreditation. 

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