The Detection of a Low Molecular Weight Enzyme Inhibitor

Using the OpenPlex™ system

The use  of low molecular weight molecules in the industries of drug discovery and agri-food has become increasingly important over the course of a century of drug research and science development in agriculture and in pharmaceutical field.

This application note demonstrates the feasibility of small molecules detection and their affinity study using the OpenPlex™ system. Through the CBS-CAII model, we are able to validate the detection of a 201 Daltons molecule. Moreover, we determined the affinity of the studied model by injecting increasing concentrations of CBS on the SPRi-Biochip™ functionalized with 3D chemistry. Combining this platform with the printing using the SPRi-CFM (a continuous flow printing system) enabled us to detect this small molecule.
This application note demonstrates how  the OpenPlex™ Platform is useful to new fields like drug discovery and agri-food research, which join the vast number of applications for the OpenPleX™. 

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