Monitoring Cell Culture Media Variability using A-TEEM

Monitoring Cell Culture Media Variability using A-TEEM Spectroscopy

Examples of cell culture media molecular fingerprint A-TEEMs. The media shown are from the samples DMEM1 (left), HAMSF12 (middle), and RPMI1 (right).

Cell culture media for bioreactors are usually prepared as an aqueous solution and provide everything a cell line needs for optimal growth as well as product yield and quality. Even subtle variations in composition could have a noticeable impact on the growth rate of the cell culture and its yield. Thus identifying and analyzing cell culture media is important. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry has begun to turn to spectroscopic methods such as fluorescence for cell culture media analysis due to the speed of testing, minimal sample handling requirements, and relatively lower cost when compared to mass spectrometry and chromatography. Of particular interest are Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrix molecular fingerprints complemented by simultaneous Absorbance and Transmission measurements (A-TEEM)

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