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The Detection of a Low Molecular Weight Enzyme Inhibitor using the OpenPlex™ system
Raman microscopy in Pharmaceuticals salt analysis
Validation of the activity of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) using SPRi
The Detection of an Ultralow Molecular Weight Enzyme Inhibitor using the XelPleX system
Raman Analysis and characterization of pharmaceuticals
Polymorphy in pharmaceuticals by Raman Spectroscopy
Investigating the atherosclerosis process by monitoring lipid deposits including cholesterol and free fatty acids
Characterization and mapping of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients in a tablet using Raman and IR spectroscopy
Kinetic Fluorescence Determination of Vitamin B1
This technical note describes kinetic fluorescence as an analytical technique to quantify non-fluorescent species. The technique is applied to the determination of thiamine (vitamin B1) in solution.
Char of Compounds in a pharmaceutical drug product