Characterization of III-V Semiconductors using Phase Modulated Spectroscopic Ellipsometry: InGaAs Avalanche Photodiodes

InGaAs APD Photodetector Epitaxial Structure

InGaAs APD Photodetector Epitaxial Structure.

III-V semiconductors materials allow the manufacture of high performance optoelectronics and hyperfrequency devices.

One such device is the Avalanche Photodiodes (APD), and this is a promising solution to the increasing demand for high-performance optical transmission systems to detect low optical signals in applications such as long-distance fibre communications, spectrometry and laser radars. However, several problems remain to be resolved for their use as high-speed optical detectors. The problems include low reliability and narrow structural margins for very high-speed responses.

The UVISEL NIR Spectroscopic Ellipsometer provides a fast, non destructive characterisation tool which has helped to improve the manufacturing yield of APDs. The accuracy and reliability of the ellipsometric measurement has allowed replacement of the selective chemical etch used to measure the thicknesses. The UVISEL Spectroscopic Ellipsometer may also be applied to the characterisation of laser structures, photodetectors and many other complex multilayer devices.


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