Colloids, slurries, pigments, inks

Related Applications

Sizing Silica Particles by DLS
Silica particles in sand dune
In this application note, the particle sizes of two different silica dispersions are analyzed to demonstrate the utility of the SZ-100 for both suppliers and users of such materials.
Particle Size Analysis of Inks
Measuring the particle size of ink pigments was typically done using dynamic light scattering (DLS). Laser diffraction can also now be used to measure these pigments due to the state of the art enhancements in the LA-960.
Titanium Oxide Using Laser Diffraction
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is a pigment used in paints and many other applications. This application note describes suggested methodologies when analyzing TiO2 on the LA-960 laser diffraction particle size analyzer.
Pigment Particle Size and Hiding Power
Pigment particle size analysis
Pigment size can be readily measured by laser diffraction. This measurement requires less time, training and effort than a color strength measurement and provides useful information for the process engineer.
The non destructive and in-situ identification of different black inks using Raman Spectroscopy


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