Depth Profile Analysis of Organic and Organic/Inorganic Multilayered Materials by Pulsed RF GDOES

A GDOES depth profile on a multilayered polymer.

Figure 1: TRC presentation at the 2014 Japanese GD day.

GDOES relies on the fast sputtering of a representative area of the material of interest by a dense plasma and the real time optical analysis of the emission light produced by the sputtered species excited by the same plasma.

With the development of pulsed RF source and the invention of the “UFS”, the technique now contributes to the development and characterization of polymeric materials. Additives can be seen and localized, the structure of the material can be revealed quickly and therefore the elaboration process can be controlled and optimized.

Figure 1 illustrates a GDOES depth profile on a multilayered polymer. The layers are distinguished by representative elements. No molecular information (as given for instances by Raman Spectroscopy) is obtained with GDOES but the observation of representative elements and/or changes in the intensity levels for the same elements (that relate to changes in sputter rate from material to material) anyhow clearly reveals in many cases the structure of the multilayered compound.

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