Real-time Monitoring of Polymerisations in Emulsions by Raman Spectroscopy - Modelling and Chemometrics

Real-time monitoring of polymerization reactions.

Raman spectra recorded at different stages of the reaction and concentration profiles of the different reaction constituents.

Real-time monitoring of emulsion polymerization by Raman spectroscopy has been performed.

Raman spectroscopy has advantages over other techniques being implemented for process monitoring. It is wellsuited for emulsion polymerization reactions because the aqueous solvent does not interfere with the analyte signal by either contributing to the Raman signal or by masking the analyte signal by self-absorption processes. In addition, as it is a scattering phenomenon, the turbidity of an emulsion process is not a severe impediment.

On the other hand there are experimental difficulties arising from the possibility that there is fluorescence emission interfering with the Raman signal, and from the difficulties in extracting signals through windows in reactor walls or in slip streams. In order to avoid these problems a near infrared excitation laser (785 nm) and an immersion probe dipped directly in the reaction medium have been used.

Two parallel ways for data analysis have then been undertaken. The first is based on a mathematical deconvolution of the Raman bands whereas the second relies on more sophisticated multivariate analysis (Chemometrics).

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Real-time Monitoring of Polymerisations in Emulsions by Raman Spectroscopy - Modelling and Chemometrics
DescriptionRaman spectra, in conjunction with Multivariate (Chemometric) Analysis, have been demonstrated to provide real-time information on the progress of a polymerisation reaction. As shown by this example, these results can provide unexpected information on the details of the reaction. in this case, the inequivalent reaction rates of the two monomers. Such information ultimately enables the process engineer to optimise his process.
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