What’s Protecting Your Mobile Screen? A Depth Profile of Polymer Protection Covers Using Raman and UFS-GDOES

Figure (a) UFS-RF-GDOES depth profile of the PMSPC; (b) zoom on the first 80 s of the analysis.

Figure (a) UFS-RF-GDOES depth profile of the Polymer Mobile Screen Protection Cover (PMSPC); (b) zoom on the first 80 s of the analysis.

The GD Profiler 2 can be a key instrument during the optimization and follow up of manufacturing processes. This is a fast technique which allows the easy comparison of different materials, the detection of defects and the presence of contaminants. Moreover, combined with the UFS system, it proves to be a flexible technique for organic and hybrid materials, providing numerous new application domains.

For the detection of thin hard coatings it is a prerequisite to have a full confocal Raman microscope with a spatial resolution at the diffraction limit otherwise it is impossible to spatially resolve and detect such thin layers.

Finally, microRaman and UFS-RF-GD-OES are useful complementary techniques for depth profiling of complex multilayered polymer materials. The results given by these techniques prove to be in excellent agreement.

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