Connected Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Closing the Gap Between Real World and Simulation

In the future autonomous vehicles will be common on public roads. Any single failure could leave vehicles seriously impaired. To prevent this scenario, these will depend on multiple different sensors, fusing their data, to ensure safety.  Challenging the automotive industry with a period of great uncertainty regarding vehicle-in-the-loop testing as it waits for standards to emerge for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD).

HORIBA lab-based testing solutions close the gap between simulation, hardware-in-the-loop tests and proving ground tests. Allowing scenario-based testing procedures for vehicles and sensors, ensuring reliable results and a maximum of reproducibility. 

Ready for sensor related test methods without physical connection, employed with HORIBA STARS ENTERPRISE, combinable with HORIBA dynamometers or as standalone hardware-in-the-loop testing solution. HORIBA Connected Autonomous Vehicle Testing equipment enables reproducible real-time tests of vehicles equipped with ADAS and AD systems. A Precise evaluation of vehicle sensors and rest bus simulation capability ensure reliable vehicle-in-the-loop test procedures for ADAS and connected autonomous vehicles.


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