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Real driving emissions with RDE CoDriver

HORIBA provides a solution to increase your test yield effectiveness

Real Driving Emission (RDE) tests confirm the results produced during an emissions test on a chassis dynamometer to ensure that vehicles meet the set limits in the real world. Testing on public roads exposes the test vehicle to a multitude of varying conditions, such as changing temperature and barometric pressure, rain, wind, traffic lights, or pedestrians crossing the road. The regulated requirements for trip composition and driving dynamic boundaries complicate the testing even further.

RDE tests add to the existing testing efforts and require additional investments in testing equipment, infrastructure, and resources. Invalid tests, which happen due to complex requirements, add further to the costs. 

The application note “The Implications of RDE Testing” provides additional information on the significance of the RDE test requirements and HORIBA’s solution to help vehicle manufacturers to maximize their test yield. 

Vehicle manufacturers need a tool that navigates the driver through all the requirements during an RDE test to maximize the potential of a positive outcome.


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The Implications of RDE Testing


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