The Benefits of Using ICP-OES to Analyze Raw Materials in Cement

|   Seminar/Webinar

by Dr. Alice Stankova, Product Manager, HORIBA Scientific


Beginning: 11/26/20

Location: Online

Presented by Dr. Alice Stankova, Product Manager, HORIBA Scientific

This webinar is focused on the use of HORIBA's high-resolutive ICP-OES technique to ensure the determination of major and minor elements in cements.

Cement industry requires the analysis of major elements in % level with high precision and accuracy. The trace elements are very important for environmental pollution control. Pore solution composition in cement affects kinetics of cement hydration; chlorine presence in cement affects the strengths hydration and strengths gain and on the other hand chlorine deprives embedded steel of corrosion protection.

This webinaraims at demonstrating the benefits of our high-resolutive ICP-OES on this challenging matrix as well as demonstrating our system capability to determine chlorine and perform stable and precise results for this application.