Correlated TERS, TEPL, & SPM Measurements of 2D Materials

|   Seminar/Webinar

by Agnès Tempez, HORIBA France


Beginning: 04/21/20

Location: Online

Presented by Agnès Tempez, HORIBA France

With the great challenge of producing large areas of 2D materials, and incorporating them in nanoelectronic devices, comes the need of structural control at the nanoscale. An information-rich nanocharacterization technique is necessary for further deployment of 2D materials-based applications.

With this webcast, discover how correlated TERS, TEPL & SPM measurements are possible using an AFM-Raman instrument. This means that co-localized information about the topography, the electronic properties and the structural quality can be obtained down to the nanometer scale with a single probe and without sample repositioning. We will present data on MoS2, WSe2, and WS2 as well as on a lateral WS2/WSxSe1-x/WSe2 heterostructure on SiO2/Si substrate.