Webinar – LabRAM Soleil: Make Your Samples Shine with Ultrafast Imaging

|   Seminar/Webinar

By Dr. Thibault Brulé, HORIBA France


Beginning: 04/23/20

Location: Online

Presented by Dr. Thibault Brulé, HORIBA France

From Material Sciences to Life Sciences, from Environment to Earth Sciences, Raman microscopy can now easily reach unknown worlds. The brand new, award-winning LabRAM Soleil™ and its built-in intuitive software have been developed to allow the characterization of all types of samples. Whether they are flat, rough or particulate, LabRAM Soleil™ characterizes them at high speed: up to 100 times faster than before. So, buckle up and connect with us: with this webinar, discover how new features like QScan™, SmartSampling™ or EasyImage™ will make your samples shine, fast.