Product Introduction: A New Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer Providing Unique Two-in-One Benefits, Plus High Speed and NIR Fluorescence Detection - Duetta -

Created by Cary Joseph DAVIES*1 | |   Technical Reports

Cary Joseph DAVIES*1, Masahiro OGUCHI*2

*1 HORIBA Instruments Inc.,*2 HORIBA, LTD.

In 2018, the HORIBA Instruments Fluorescence Division introduced a mid-market analytical spectrometer, called DuettaTM, the first such “value, mid-market” instrument from the division. For decades now HORIBA has had a global leading market share of high-end research instruments, and the introduction of this new instrument opens up new market opportunities for HORIBA. The design of this new spectrometer concept, the sales success in the market in just its first year, and the key markets and applications of Duetta are all presented.

The IFE is a well-known physical phenomenon. This experiment shows that the fluorescence of fluorescein at varying concentrations exhibits a non-linear response due to IFE reabsorption (red), and the corrected linear response of Duetta (blue) when IFE correction is implemented. Thus, extending the concentration range wherein the fluorescence signal is quantitative.