SERS Nanosensors for Biomedical Applications—from Cancer Diagnoses to Characterizing Drug Delivery Nanocarriers

|   Seminar/Webinar

by Claudia Fasolato, Ph.D., University of Perugia, in partnership with Spectroscopy


Beginning: 11/24/20

Location: Online

Presented by Claudia Fasolato, Ph.D., Researcher at The Department of Physics and Geology at University of Perugia, in partnership with Spectroscopy

In this presentation, I will illustrate how surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) and Raman micro-spectroscopy can be successfully applied to different types of biomedical analysis. Among these, I will focus on the diagnosis and therapy of cancer at the single cell level using folate-based SERS-active nanosensors. I will discuss how the sensitivity of SERS can be employed not only for quantifying the interaction of the nanosensor with cancer and normal cells, but also for precisely characterizing nanocarriers for drug delivery applications.