2018 Masao Horiba Awards now accepting Applications

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This year's theme is "Advanced Analytical and Measurement Technology in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Process"

The 2018 Masao Horiba Awards have started to accept applications on March 1st. Now in its 15th iteration, HORIBA, Ltd. started this annual research promotion award in 2003. This year's theme is "advanced analytical and measurement technology in the semiconductor manufacturing process". Under a changing theme every year, the awards entice large numbers of researchers to submit applications, from which 3 will be eventually selected as winners. Through this award, we hope to support future leaders conducting innovative and unique research, and to further advance the development of analytical and measurement technology. We hope that this year's applicants will be proactive researchers and engineers who pursue their work while following our company motto of "Joy and Fun".

This Year's Application Target: Advanced Analytical and Measurement Technology in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

We are looking for advanced analysis and measurement technologies that can contribute to process control for the semiconductor manufacturing process, especially deposition and etch processes.

  • The monitoring points are not only the device portion on wafer but also the portion including process chambers and fluid delivery systems that can contribute to device performance improvements as well as to achieve high efficiency processes, energy savings and yield improvement.
  • The target manufacturing processes are IC (logic, memory, analog IC), optical devices (display, LED, solar), discrete devices (diode, power IC) and sensor devices (temperature sensor, pressure sensor) and can include research of materials and device characterization.
  • Research limited to new materials for thin films or analysis of thin film properties is not eligible for this year?s application.


Eligible ApplicantsThose belonging to domestic or overseas universities or public research institutions
Eligible ResearchAdvanced analytical and measurement technology in the semiconductor manufacturing process
Application Period

March 1 to May 18, 2018

Review MethodThe review committee makes a determination based on actual results and future prospects regarding submitted documents.
Results AnnouncementEarly July (tent.)

Winners are awarded a certificate and prize money.
A single winner receives 2 million yen (1 million yen/year for 2 years).
(Conditions of eligibility must be met continuously)

Award Ceremony and Commemorative SeminarTo be held on October 17 (Wed.), 2018 at the Kyoto University founding commemorative facility, the Shirankaikan Annex (Sakyo-ku, Yoshida Ushinomiyacho, 11-1, Kyoto)
(Winners to conduct discussions and visual presentations that appeal to the general public)

Application Method

For documents to submit and other application details:
Applications/InquiriesMasao Horiba Awards Office at HORIBA, Ltd., 2, Miyanohigashi, Kisshoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto, 601-8510
Tel: 075-325-5110 / E-mail: info@mh-award.org


Advanced analytical and measurement technology in the semiconductor manufacturing process 

The first industrial revolution saw the invention of the steam engine. The second came about due to mass production through electricity and oil. Next, the third was characterized by computer automation. Now, a fourth revolution, one of IoT (internet of things) and AI has begun. Semiconductors are increasingly important as the foundation of these kinds of major reforms to industrial structures, and there is great demand for process technology that will miniaturize as well as improve performance and reliability for the next generation of semiconductor devices.
This year?s Masao Horiba Awards shines a spotlight on research and development leading to the creation of new value through analytical and measurement technology that advances the film formation and etching processes. These processes are of particular importance in the semiconductor device manufacturing processes, which in turn are indispensable to industrial development.


Further Information

Award History

Our company's history begins with our trail-blazing founder, Masao Horiba, whose initial venture was the first domestic development of the glass electrode pH meter when he was still a university student. We have since expanded our business globally to become a manufacturer of a comprehensive line of analytical instruments while also expanding analysis into liquid, gasses and solids. Collaboration with universities and research institutions has been one of the ways we have supported this development since our company's founding, and the steady efforts of the researchers and engineers who work on our fundamental research have continued to be a driving force in our growth. Entering into the 21st century, we founded the Masao Horiba Awards in 2003, using the name of our founder to support the academic research and development which will be the source of new enterprises and commercial endeavors in the fields of analytic and measurement instrument technology, whose social significance only continues to grow.

Award Purpose

This award supports researchers and engineers, both domestic and overseas, engaged in research and development expected to create the innovative analytical and measurement technologies that will further enhance these technologies' scientific value. Choosing a different field each year allows us to focus on research and development with results and future development potential of a global scale. We are seeking proactive participants who understand the "Joy and Fun" of research and development in the target area, from fundamental to applied, and who will be key players in the future development of analytical and measurement technology.

Our Late Founder, Masao Horiba

Masao Horiba pioneered his own venture, Horiba Radio Laboratory, in October of 1945 while still a student at the Faculty of Science in Kyoto Imperial University (now Kyoto University). He majored in nuclear physics, and just like, Shinkichi Horiba, his professor father, he had intended to remain at the university and become a researcher after graduation. At this time, however, the end of WW2 saw the US military destroying cyclotrons and taking other steps to prevent and prohibit nuclear research and experiments, so Horiba was unable to continue his university research. This led to the decision to establish a private laboratory where one might conduct experiments and research freely, which is how our company came to be founded.
In January of 1953, the company was reorganized as a share-issuing company and Horiba assumed the role of president. As Horiba Radio Laboratory, the plan had been to develop and commercialize electrolytic capacitors, but this plan was aborted due to inflation caused by the Korean War. Instead, the pH meter developed for capacitor production was sold as a product and the HORIBA, Ltd. known today was established. The company then continued to develop new pH meters one after another utilizing cooperation with universities. In 1978, at the age of 53, Horiba assumed the role of company chairmen, and our current philosophy of "Joy and Fun" was established as the company motto. After taking office as chairman, Horiba also worked to support domestic small-to-medium business and start-up reforms, was active in Kyoto revitalization efforts and also worked towards the fundamental education reforms needed to usher in future generations of trailblazers. In recognition of his contributions to developments in the field of analytical science as an entrepreneur who launched a global measuring instrument business with products that support research and breakthrough globally, Horiba was the first non-American to be awarded with the Pittcon Heritage Award in March of 2006 and was entered into the USA?s Pittcon Hall of Fame (for Analytical Chemistry). At 90 years old, Horiba passed away in July of 2015.