HORIBA Launches its Ultimate ENDA-7000 Series CEMS

|   Press Release

HORIBA is pleased to announce the company is releasing its new Ultimate ENDA-7000 Series of continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS). For over 30 years HORIBA has provided reliable and accurate emissions measurement systems on a global scale. Capitalizing on this experience, HORIBA has integrated the latest sensor and measurement technology into this new generation of stack gas analysis systems. The Ultimate ENDA-7000 Series CEMS are designed to provide cost efficient, low maintenance operation while complying with demanding U.S. EPA monitoring regulations now and into the future.

As an ISO certified manufacturer, HORIBA?s new 7000 Series CEMS are built to address specific applications of each customer. Most importantly, all Ultimate ENDA-7000 CEMS users have peace of mind knowing that their monitoring system?s reliability is based upon three decades of experience and a commitment to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

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