HORIBA’s First Vietnamese Subsidiary Founded

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To be in line with environmental conservation trends in Vietnam

To be in line with environmental conservation trends in Vietnam

HORIBA, Ltd. founded Horiba Vietnam, Ltd. in Vietnam’s capital of Hanoi. Back in 2011 in Vietnam, the Company opened its representative office, which had been providing sales assistance and market research services. By turning the representative office into a subsidiary, HORIBA intends to move its sales activities in Vietnam into full gear, offering enhanced technical support services in the measurement and analysis areas. In the fast-growing Asian market, Horiba will expand its business in an agile and timely fashion to explore new markets and reinforce the value of the Horiba brand.

Horiba in Vietnam

Horiba has promoted its business in the Southeast Asian market in the broad area of ASEAN, which includes Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. In 1986, the Company signed a sole agency agreement with a Singaporean sales agent. In 1997, Horiba Instruments (Singapore) Pte Ltd., the Company’s Singaporean subsidiary, was founded. In Vietnam, Horiba has expanded its sales channels and conducted market research, opening a representative office in 2011, which has recently developed into a subsidiary. As for recent market trends in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government radically reformed its environmental protection law in 2014 to prevent environmental pollution resulting from the country’s recent industrialization and economic growth. They are making efforts to achieve both economic development and environmental protection. It is expected that in the country there will be growing demand for measurement systems for manufacturing processes to analyze emission gases and wastewater, as well as for environmental monitoring systems for government offices. Horiba will contribute to industrial development in Vietnam by making optimal use of the Company’s experience in environmental measurement technologies and providing products and services promptly to its Vietnamese customers.