ScIX 2021

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Join HORIBA Scientific at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI for ScIX 2021 at booth #413


Beginning: 09/26/21

End: 10/01/21

Ahoy Mateys!
Join the HORIBA crew as we set sail on the Jolly Spectroscopist bound for buried treasure at SciX 2021

Booth #413

Our pirate ship booty will include riches from the likes of the Raman and Fluorescence, manned by Captain Andrew Whiskey, First Mate Li Yan-kee, and Quartermaster Cary, and of course the crew of jolly spectroscopists including Aye Aye Adam, Buccaneer Bridget, Davy Jones Tuschel and Sailing Master Micheal O.

Get your sea legs ready and join us in Ship# 413 where you can explore our products:


Dead men tell no tales, so don’t miss the boat!

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ScIX 2021