Metuchen, USA (1973, Instruments SA Inc.)

Instruments SA Inc., a subsidiary of Jobin Yvon SA, was founded in Metuchen, New Jersey, by Gilbert Hayat, in 1973. In 1974, Jobin Yvon / Instruments SA Inc. introduced the “Mole” (Molecular Optics Laser Examiner), a double-spectrometer, micro-Raman instrument, into the US market; and so began a 14-year competitive battle between SPEX and Jobin Yvon for the high-end research Raman spectroscopy market.

In 1976, the OEM instrument and replica diffraction-grating manufacturing operation began. The Instruments SA Inc. team wrote the “Handbook of Diffraction Gratings,” which became the reference book in the industry using diffraction gratings. In 1977, Instruments SA Inc. started distribution of its emission spectrometers in the USA.