Munich, Germany (1977 - ISA GmbH)

Despite its many years in business, Jobin-Yvon was practically unknown in Germany before 1970. The numerous problems the company encountered with its various agents led to the creation of ISA GmbH in 1977. The fact that a company registered in Germany to sell French products had many advantages. This facilitated sales, particularly to public bodies such as the DFG, Dechema, the Max Plank Institute, etc. Currently, the activities are limited to sales and after-sales service. There is no manufacturing unit. We also have an application and demonstration laboratory for the emission department, in which a JY70 is installed.
The Company, which is headquartered in Munich, has 18 employees, 6 of whom are assigned to the after-sales service. Nine people are based in Munich, the others are spread over the various regions, in order to be able to respond more quickly to customers. Finally, four people are specialized in Riber products.