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Laser Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyzer

PSA-300 image
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Static Image Analysis System Particle Size

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Calcium Imaging Microscope

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Ca Imaging System

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Ultra Fast TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

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LED Phosphorescence Light Sources

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Steady State and Lifetime Modular Spectrofluorometer

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TCSPC Lifetime Kit

The DeltaPro has taken the complexity TCSPC and made it simple and affordable
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TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

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TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

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Raman Spectrometer - Confocal Raman Microscope

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Water Treatment Plant Analyzer

LabRAM HR Evolution
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Confocal Raman Microscope

LabRAM Odyssey
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Best-in-class Raman Imaging & High Resolution Spectrometer