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MoreSceneScope RUVIS UHD System
Universal Imaging System
MoreUniversal Imaging System
Laboratory 16 megapixel full spectrum imaging camera package for fingerprint work.
HandScope HS LED
MoreHandScope HS LED
The only LED unit that changes and selects wavelengths like a forensic light source.
PrintQuest Automated Fingerprint & Palmprint Identification System
Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification - AFIS & APIS Systems
Fast Fourier Transform "FFT" - for Periodic Background Removal
MoreImaQuest Fingerprint Enhancement Software
Focus LED Alternate Light Source provides the consistent intensity necessary to properly capture photos where there are no under/over developed sections in the same image
MoreFOCUS LED Alternate Light Source
MoreMini-CrimeScope Advance
MoreCrimeScope CS-16-500W