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HORIBA offers a comprehensive set of testing solutions for the development of automobiles, trucks and other internal combustion engine driven products. Each of our product ranges offer a complete solution for the mechanical, electrical and software systems required to meet today's and tomorrow's testing requirements.

We help bring the road into the laboratory for research and development purposes. Our test and simulation systems provide realistic and repeatable simulation of road-driving conditions on the test stand. Using these tools we can help you cut costs and reduce development timescales especially for the complex designs required for today's vehicles.

Make HORIBA be your testing solution partner. We have representatives in more than 50 countries worldwide and employ nearly 600 experts with comprehensive know-how in the entire range of automotive testing solutions for today and for the future.

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ADS-7000 Automatic Driving System - 1
Automatic Driving System
Container Test Cell Solution
MoreContainer Test Cell Solutions
Flexible Turn Key Solution for Test Beds
DT Dynos - Hydraulic Dynamometers
MoreDT Dyno
Hydraulic Dynamometers
DYNAS3 AC Dynamometer
AC Dynamometer
ETPS_product picture
Engine Torque Pulse Simulation
FACT 220_product picture-1
MoreFACT 220
Test Unit for Fuel Measurement Systems
Fuel Flow Measurement
GIANT 6000 series
Optional Features
GIANT 5000_product picture
MoreGIANT 5000 Series
Compact Inertia Brake Dynamometer System
GIANT 6200
MoreGIANT 6000 Series
Multi-Purpose Full Size Inertia-Type Brake Dynamometer
GIANT 8200 product picture
MoreGIANT 8000 Series
Brake Test Systems
GIANT 9000_product picture
MoreGIANT 9000 Series
Brake Test Systems
Full Size NVH Brake Dynamometer
GIANT Evo NVH Pure-2
MoreGIANT Evo NVH Pure
Squeal-rig Brake Dynamometer
GIANT Evo Performance
MoreGIANT Evo Performance
Compact Inertia Brake Dynamometer
GIANT Evo Universal
MoreGIANT Evo Universal
Flexible Inertia Brake Dynamometer
Multi-Function Efficient Dynamic Altitude Simulator
SPARC_product picture-1
Superior and Intelligent Controller Platform
MoreSPARC Brake
Digital Controller
TITAN Engine Test System
MoreTITAN Engine
Engine Test Systems
TITAN Powertrain - Driveline testing-2
MoreTITAN Powertrain
Driveline Testing for Front, Rear and All Wheel Drive
VULCAN chassis dynamometer
Chassis Dynamometer - Emission Measurement Applications
Wind tunnel balance - product picture
MoreWind Tunnel Balance
Model Size System
Wind tunnel balance - product picture
MoreWind Tunnel Balance
Full Size System
Wind tunnel balance - product picture
MoreWind Tunnel Balance Systems
Refurbishment, Update and Modification
WT Dyno_product picture
MoreWT Dyno
Eddy-Current Dynamometers


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