HORIBA Medical Anti Corruption Code of Conduct - loi Sapin 2 (Sapin 2 Law)

(Full document is available for download at the bottom of this page)

Committing an act of corruption or influence peddling is a serious act that may have significantlegal and financial consequences for HORIBA ABX SAS (HORIBA Medical), as well as its subsidiaries, and also permanently damage the Group's reputation.

In order to effectively fight corruption, national and international legislation has been increasing and strengthening for several years. Within this context, HORIBA ABX SAS, pursuant to Article 17 of the law of December 9, 2076, known as the "Sapin 2 law", is developing aspecific compliance programme for preventing and detecting corruption, of which this Anti-corruption code of conduct (hereinafter the "code") forms an integral part.

In accordance with the Sapin 2 Law, this Code is annexed to the HORIBA ABX SAS rules of procedure.

More specifically, the purpose of this Code is to remind everyone of:

  • The business principles relating to the fight against corruption and influence peddling;
  • The behaviors to adopt in this regard.

In any event, if local legislation is more stringent than the principles set out in the Code ofConduct, the strictest rule must be followed.

For whom is the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct intended?

The Code applies to all internal employees (1) and external and casual employees (2) (hereinafter referred to as "the employees") working for HORIBA ABX SAS.

It applies to all the stakeholders involved, starting with the managers and employees as well as external or casual employees (trainees, temporary workers or service providers who have been working for more than 6 months in the company) of HORIBA ABX SAS.

It applies in the same manner to Employees of foreign branches who are made available to HORIBA ABX SAS.

Finally, the Code applies to Employees of foreign subsidiaries.