Scientific Articles

Evaluations and testimonials on Yumizen analyzers

Interest of HORIBA Medical Yumizen H1500/H2500 Technology in patients with WBC-Diff abnormalities due to malignant blood disease or chemotherapy treatment.

Laboratory of Medical Biology, Institut Bergonié, Bordeaux, France

Evaluation of the Body Fluid Cycle of the Yumizen H2500 Analyzer

Service d'Hématologie Biologique, CHU de Nantes, France

An evaluation of the Yumizen H500 FBC analyser for near-patient testing with oncology patients

Kinal Amin, Kirolos Gabiows – Spire Pathology Services, Borehamwood, UK

Evaluation of the Yumizen H500 FBC analyser for point of care testing for paediatric oncology patients

Daniel Boyland & Lydia Ingram - Lydia Ingram (University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff), UK