HORIBA Medical presents its new brand "Yumizen".

From now on, "Yumizen" is the new name for all future analyzers and solutions including Hematology, Coagulation, Clinical Chemistry and Care Products.

This name is a combination of the words "Yumi" and "Zen", two strong yet diverse words together.

"Yumi" means "Archery Bow" in Japanese. This noble and traditional object, synonymous with precision and flexibility, has been modernized over the centuries, and is now using advanced technological materials. It symbolizes the values that HORIBA Medical wishes to pass on to future generations.

"Zen" is a Japanese word that evokes relaxation and serenity, resulting in a positive mindset.

The name “Yumizen” has therefore been chosen to express HORIBA Medical’s core values and to create an expression for the impact that the use of our instruments should have on our partners – the “Yumizen effect”!

Choose Yumizen, you will stay zen.

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