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HORIBA provides a wide range of technologies to measure air, water and soil quality. Thanks to its measurement technologies that comply with environmental regulations around the world and contributes to the development of environmental conservation.

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HORIBA India unveils ENDA-5000 series for emission monitoring

HORIBA India Private Limited has introduced a stack gas monitor system "ENDA–5000 series" that is useful for compliance monitoring of the exhaust gas from the stack of a stationary source.  The article is published in local media in India.




HORIBA’s brand new laser HCl analyzer with a probe type optical system




IT-480 series are compact, stationary type infrared thermometers with industry-leading* accuracy, which enables measurement without damaging the object.



Ammonia Nitrogen Meter HC-200NH

HC-200NH is an ammonia nitrogen(NH4-N) meter using ion electrode method which is designed for aeration control in wastewater treatment.




Continuous analysis of particulate mass and the element with automatic sampling




Compact Oil Content Analyzer new OCMA-500 series  focuses  on enhanced operability and useful functions  enabling  anyone  to handle with no hassle. Offering two models, OCMA-500 series is utilized for various purposes including wastewater monitoring, environmental conservation, and quality control.




The PG-300 is a compact and lightweight stack gas analyzer that can simultaneously measure up to five separate gas components.



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Start of Ordering of Laser HCl Analyzers for Cleaning Factories and Cement/Petrochemical Plants

Introducing a Laser Analyzer Capable of Reducing Annual Maintenance Costs by Half

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The Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan introduces HORIBA’s PM analyzer for improving to clarify PM 2.5 generation mechanism and source identification

HORIBA Group recently delivered an order from the Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MOE Japan) for HORIBA’s PX-375 Continuous Particulate Monitor...

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HORIBA Instruments Incorporated commences operations at new factory in Houston

Set to become the new hub of its Process & Environmental business

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Aiming for shortening delivery time to one-third and to double production capability, HORIBA BIWAKO E-HARBOR goes into full operation. Please do look forward to a performance of HORIBA BIWAKO E-HARBOR.



The documentary of University of California, Irvine, Combustion Lab

The documentary of the passion of the scientists immersed in studies day and night. This video is the activities and experiments of the students and teachers does in the UCI combustion Lab.



Water Quality Monitoring Systems

Japan is blessed with an abundant supply of water. This affluent resource was, however, undeniably disregarded due to with Japan's economic growth. Our first step in restoring the natural clarity of water, came in the form of thoroughgoing, analysis.

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Emission Control Engineering

We are an analytical device manufacturer that provides one stop gas analysis engineering solution. A new dimension of business solutions starts here.

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Portable Gas Analyzer PG-300 series

The New Possibilities of Gas Analysis Begin with "Precision Mobility"
The PG-300 offers the same accuracy and reliability of laboratory measurements in a portable and durable unit that is 20%lighter with a faster response time than existing models.

Learn more how to use our Portable Gas Analyzer PG-300 series ! 



HORIBA Channel

You can feel the leading-edge analyzer and latest analytical technology along with video images and sounds on the HORIBA Channel.



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HE-960CW 2-channel Sanitary Conductivity Meter
More2-channel Sanitary Conductivity Meter HE-960CW
Sanitary Conductivity Meter (Low Concentration type)
MoreAir Pollution Monitor AP-370 series
MoreAir Quality Monitoring System - AQMS
AQMS, the doctor for "Human Health"
MoreAmmonia Nitrogen Meter HC-200NH
Air Pollution Multigas Calibrator
Automatic COD Monitor CODA-500
MoreAutomatic COD Monitor CODA-500
TPNA-500 Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitoring
MoreAutomatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitoring TPNA-500
MoreContinuous Emission Monitoring System - CEMS
CEMS, the “Environmental Eye” for Source Emissions
MoreContinuous Particulate Monitor with X-ray Fluorescence PX-375
MoreConverter for peracetic acid monitor PM-960
MoreData Management and Reporting Software - Eco Web
MoreDatalogger IO-Expander (IOX-370)
MoreEnvironmental Radiation Monitor "Radi" PA-1000
MoreExplosion-proof Gas Analyzer 51 Series
FS-01FC Sanitary Conductivity Sensor (Flow Through type) for Low Concentrations FS-01FC-SL Series
MoreFS-01FC-SL Series
Sanitary Conductivity Sensor (Flow Through type) for Low Concentrations
MoreGloss Checker IG-320
MoreGloss Checker IG-331
HC-300F (Two-Wire Transmitter)
MoreHC-300F (Two-Wire Transmitter)
Industrial simplified fluoride ion concentration meter
HD-300 (Two-Wire Transmitter)
Industrial dissolved oxygen analyzer (Two-Wire Transmitter)
HE-300R (Two-Wire Transmitter)
MoreHE-300R (Two-Wire Transmitter)
Industrial electric resistivity meter
Industrial conductivity meter (low concentration type) HE-480C
Industrial conductivity meter (low concentration type)
Industrial conductivity meter (high concentration type) HE-480H
Industrial conductivity meter (high concentration type)
HE-960HI Sanitary Conductivity Meter (Wide-range type)
Sanitary Conductivity Meter (Wide-range type)
MoreHigh Gloss Meter IG-410
MoreHigh-Accuracy Infrared Thermometer [Built-in type] IT-470F-H
MoreHigh-Accuracy Infrared Thermometers [Handheld type] IT-545 Series
MoreHigh-Accuracy Infrared Thermometers [Stationary type] IT-480 series
Industrial pH meter HP-480PL
Industrial pH meter - Pulse Proportional Control
The Slim48 series HR-480 industrial residual chlorine meter HR-480
MoreHR-480 (The Slim48 series)
Industrial residual chlorine meter
HD-200 (Four-Wire Analyzer)
MoreIndustrial dissolved oxygen analyzer HD-200 (Four-Wire Analyzer)
HD-200FL (Four-Wire Analyzer)
MoreIndustrial dissolved oxygen analyzer HD-200FL (Four-Wire Analyzer)
The Slim48 series HD-480 industrial dissolved oxygen meter HD-480
MoreIndustrial dissolved oxygen analyzer HD-480 (The Slim48 series)
MoreIndustrial electric conductivity meter HE-200C (Four-Wire Analyzer)
HE-200H (Four-Wire Analyzer)
MoreIndustrial electric conductivity meter HE-200H (Four-Wire Analyzer)
HE-300C (Two-Wire Transmitter)
MoreIndustrial electric conductivity meter HE-300C (Two-Wire Transmitter)
HE-200R (Four-Wire Analyzer)
MoreIndustrial electric resistivity meter HE-200R (Four-Wire Analyzer)
HU-200SS (Four-Wire Analyzer)
MoreIndustrial MLSS meter HU-200SS (Four-Wire Analyzer)
HO-200 (Four-Wire Analyzer)
MoreIndustrial ORP meter HO-200 (Four-Wire Analyzer)
HO-300 (Two-Wire Transmitter)
MoreIndustrial ORP meter HO-300 (Two-Wire Transmitter)
Industrial ORP meter HO-480
MoreIndustrial ORP meter HO-480
HP-200 (Four-Wire Analyzer)
MoreIndustrial pH meter HP-200 (Four-Wire Analyzer)
HP-200-K (Four-Wire Analyzer)
MoreIndustrial pH meter HP-200-K (Four-Wire Analyzer)
HP-300 (Two-Wire Transmitter)
MoreIndustrial pH meter HP-300 (Two-Wire Transmitter)
Industrial pH meter HP-480
MoreIndustrial pH meter HP-480
Industrial pH meter HP-480TP
MoreIndustrial pH meter HP-480TP
Industrial time sharing proportional control
Industrial pH meter HP-960FTP
MoreIndustrial pH meter HP-960FTP
Industrial four-point alarm and a time sharing proportional control
HR-200 (Four-Wire Analyzer)
MoreIndustrial residual ch analyzer HR-200 (Four-Wire Analyzer)
Industrial resistivity meter HE-480R
MoreIndustrial resistivity meter HE-480R
Industrial resistivity meter HE-960RW
MoreIndustrial resistivity meter HE-960RW
HC-200F (Four-Wire Analyzer)
MoreIndustrial simplified fluoride ion concentration meter HC-200F (Four-Wire Analyzer)
Laser scanning Oil Film Detector LO-300
Laser scanning Oil Film Detector
MoreMulti-Component Gas Analyzer VA-5000 / VS-5000
MoreOil Content Analyzer OCMA-500
MoreOil Content Analyzer OCMA-550
HT-110 Online TOC-Analyzer
MoreOnline TOC-Analyzer HT-110
Pharmaceutical Total Organic Carbon Monitor
OPSA-150 Organic Pollutant Monitor
MoreOrganic Pollutant Monitor OPSA-150
MorePortable Gas Analyzer PG-300
Process Analyzer System
MorePTFE Filter/TFH membrane TFH-01/47
FES-210L Sanitary Conductivity Sensor (Ferrule Clamp type)
MoreSanitary Conductivity Sensor (Ferrule Clamp type) FES-210L
Insertion sensor type for wide-range conductivity meter HE-960HI
ESH-01-C-SN Sanitary Conductivity Sensor (Ferrule Clamp type) for Low Concentrations ESH-01-C-SN
MoreSanitary Conductivity Sensor (Ferrule Clamp type) for Low Concentrations ESH-01-C-SN
FES-310L Sanitary Conductivity Sensor (Flow Through type)
MoreSanitary Conductivity Sensor (Flow Through type) FES-310L
Flow-Through sensor type for wide-range conductivity meter HE-960HI
MoreStack Gas Analysis System ENDA-5000 series
MoreStack Gas Analyzer GI-700 series
MoreTrace Gas Monitor GA-370
MoreTunable Laser Gas Analyzer TX-100
U-50 Multiparameter Water Quality Checker
Multiparameter Water Quality Checker
MoreWater Quality Meter with HART communication HQ-300
Water Quality Monitoring System
MoreZero Gas Generator ZNV-7