Water Pollution

To monitor water quality for various industry process

HORIBA, a pioneer to commercialize pH meters in Japan, widely provides many instruments ranging from high-precision pH meters to water quality monitoring systems, which contribute for environment preservation worldwide leveraged advanced sensor technologies.

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Automatic COD Monitor CODA-500
MoreAutomatic COD Monitor CODA-500
Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitoring TPNA-500
MoreAutomatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitoring TPNA-500
Laser scanning Oil Film Detector LO-300
MoreLaser scanning Oil Film Detector LO-300
Oil Content Analyzer OCMA-500
MoreOil Content Analyzer OCMA-500
Oil Content Analyzer OCMA-550
MoreOil Content Analyzer OCMA-550
Organic Pollutant Monitor OPSA-150
MoreOrganic Pollutant Monitor OPSA-150


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