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Light Sources

HORIBA offers a comprehensive array of light sources for a wide variety of applications in spectroscopy, solar and biomedical research. These light sources are available on a stand-alone basis, and compatible with our various other optical components.

That includes Pulsed Laser and LED, Tunable Tungsten Halogen, VUV Fluorescence and Raman lasers with wavelength-stabilization light sources.

HORIBA allows you to configure a custom solution for your unique requirements. We offer more choices and higher specifications to ensure you can select the best optics for your needs.

Broadband Continuous Light Sources

Broadband Arc Lamp Light Source
LSH Illuminator
MoreLSH Illuminator
Compact Deuterium, Tungsten Halogen or Glow Bar Light Source
Broadband Xe Light Source

Broadband Tunable Light Sources

Tunable KiloArc
MoreTunable KiloArc
Tunable 1000W Xe Light Source
Tunable PowerArc
MoreTunable PowerArc
Tunable 75W Xe Light Source

Picosecond Pulsed Laser Sources

Pulsed Laser and LED Light Sources

Vacuum Ultra Violet [VUV] Light Sources

VUV Fluorescence
MoreVUV Fluorescence
Vacuum System - Fluorescence instrument based on H20-UVL and iHR320

Microscope Illuminators

DeltaRAM X
MoreDeltaRAM X
Random Access Monochromator
Scopelite 200
MoreScopelite 200
Microscope Illumination System

OEM Raman Laser

OEM Raman Lasers with wavelength-stabilization
MoreOEM Raman Lasers with wavelength-stabilization
Only available for volume OEM purchase, minimum order quantity 50 units.


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