Elemental Analysis

Elemental analyzers provide elemental composition of minerals, chemical compounds, soil and waste. Elemental analysis can be qualitative and quantitative and applied to bulk and surface analysis.

HORIBA provides a wide range of elemental analyzers including:

  • Inductively Couple Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer [ICP]
  • Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometers [GD-OES]
  • Carbon/Sulfur & Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen analyzer
  • Sulfur-in-Oil analyzer
  • X-ray Fluorescence analyzer [XRF]


These instruments are used over a broad range of industries such as:

  • Energy and Fuel for the investigation of Lithium-ion battery, characterization of CIGS [CuInGaSe2] solar cells and sulfur-in-oil analysis
  • Mined Materials and Metal for elemental analysis of metals, ores, and other inorganic materials
  • Environment and Agriculture for plant, soil and fertilizer quality

ICP-OES Spectrometers

Do you need fast, accurate results in your laboratory? Want an instrument that will grow with you and your business? The HORIBA Scientific ICP Spectrometers with their innovative design provide a tool that will increase your lab productivity not only with fast analysis time, but with less complicated methods, shorter warm-up time and better performance.

RF Glow Discharge Spectrometers

HORIBA Scientific Pulsed RF Glow Discharge Spectrometers are used in universities where they contribute to the development of new materials with coatings at nano-scale and upward and in industries to monitor photovoltaic devices manufacturing, to understand the origin of corrosion on painted car bodies, to assess the composition of precious metals, to control hard disks or LED manufacturing, to improve Li batteries, etc.

Cross collaboration with the advanced plasma coating research community has helped to drastically improve the instrumentation in the last 15 years, ISO standards have been published and the technique is now well established for material characterisation.

Carbon / Sulfur Analyzers (EMIA Series)

HORIBA's advantaged combustion technology makes carbon and sulfur analysis easier with great performance and more sophisticated functions.

The carbon and sulfur analyzers in the EMIA-Expert, EMIA-Pro, EMIA-V2 series, EMIA-8100 series are products of the vast experience and technology accumulated by HORIBA over many years in the production of equipment for elemental analysis. The variety of models available allows you to select the furnace system that is best-suited to your target samples and applications.

Each model is equipped with unique and sophisticated functions that support accurate and fast carbon and sulfur analysis.

Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen Analyzers (EMGA Series)

An abundance of analytical functions and excellent, stable control technologies provide fast, high precision analysis of materials ranging from micro-quantity sample to high-concentration samples.

The EMGA series is ready for variety of applications from reserch and development to on-site (field) analysis.

Micro-XRF Analyzers

The XGT X-ray Fluorescence micro-analyzers combine the fast, non-destructive elemental analysis of energy dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) with the capability to pinpoint individual particles with diameters down to 10 µm in size. Automated sample scanning provides detailed images of element distribution, over areas as large as 10cm x 10cm.

No other technique provides this depth of information with so little fuss. Simply position the sample, and the measurement can begin. Optical and elemental views are seamlessly merged, with the fastest possible acquisition times.

Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzers

HORIBA's series of Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzers have been the overwhelming choice in the petroleum industry for years. Continuous improvements in performance and usability allow us to offer a range of instruments to suit your requirements.

Our XRF sulfur analyzers comply with ASTM D4294 and ISO 8754 while offering the most cost effective alternative for sulfur in petroleum measurement.

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Bench Press 3628*
MoreBench Press 3628*
25-ton (22.7 metric ton) air-actuated laboratory pellet press.
Commander – S
MoreCommander – S
Single Channel Controller of Hot Block
Cryogenic Grinder 6870*
MoreCryogenic Grinder 6870*
Large cryogenic mill that accommodates sample sizes ranging from 0.1 - 100 grams.
Disc Grinder 8500*
MoreDisc Grinder 8500*
Swing mill that accommodates sample sizes ranging from 2 - 100 grams.
Disc Grinder 8530*
MoreDisc Grinder 8530*
Swing mill with sound-proof enclosure that accommodates sample sizes ranging from 2 - 100 grams
Oxygen/Nitrogen Analyzer
Hydrogen Analyzer
Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Analyzer
Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer
Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer
Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer
Freezer mill 6770*
MoreFreezer mill 6770*
Small cryogenic mill that accommodates sample sizes ranging from 0.1 - 4 grams.
GD-Profiler 2™
MoreGD-Profiler 2™
Discover a Whole New World of Information with Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer
Geno Grinder 2010*
MoreGeno Grinder 2010*
High-throughput tissue homogenizer with an adjustable clamp.
Geno Grinder 2020*
MoreGeno Grinder 2020*
Automated Tissue Homogenizer
Manual Press 3621*
MoreManual Press 3621*
Full-size 12-ton (10.9 metric ton) Carver hydraulic laboratory pellet press.
Manual Press 3622*
MoreManual Press 3622*
Full-size 25-ton (22.7 metric ton) Carver hydraulic laboratory pellet press.
Manual Press 3626*
MoreManual Press 3626*
Bench top 12-ton (10.9 metric ton) Carver hydraulic laboratory pellet press.
X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer
X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer
Mixer/Mill 5100*
MoreMixer/Mill 5100*
Small high-energy ball mill that accommodates sample sizes ranging from 0.2 - 1.5 grams.
Mixer/Mill 8000M*
MoreMixer/Mill 8000M*
High-energy ball mill that accommodates sample sizes ranging from 0.2 - 10 grams.
Plasma Profiling TOFMS
MorePlasma Profiling TOFMS
Ultra-Fast, Sensitive and High Resolution Depth Profiling technique
QBlock Series*
MoreQBlock Series*
Hot Blocks for Acid Digestion
Close Vessel Microwave Digestion System
Automated Workstation
Close Vessel Microwave Digestion System
Shaqer 1500*
MoreShaqer 1500*
Large cryogenic mill that accommodates sample sizes ranging from 0.1 - 100 grams.
X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer
X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer
Ultima Expert
MoreUltima Expert
High resolution, high sensitivity and high stability ICP-OES
Ultima Expert LT
MoreUltima Expert LT
Affordable high performance ICP-OES
Vulcan by Questron*
MoreVulcan by Questron*
Automated Hot Block
Wireless Commander*
MoreWireless Commander*
8 hot blocks controlled by one wireless commander!
Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer
Six position electric Fluxer
X-Press 3635*
MoreX-Press 3635*
35-ton (31.8 metric ton) hydraulic laboratory pellet press.
X-ray Analytical Microscope
X-ray Analytical Microscope
Total Nitrogen and Sulfur Analyzer
Total Halogen and Sulfur Analyzer


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