Fluorescence Applications

Discover the power of Fluorescence. From life sciences to materials, including water and forensics, Fluorescence is found in many fields of applications.

Life Science

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Application Notes

Monitoring Cell Culture Media Variability using a Simple Optical Technique (A-TEEM Molecular Fingerprinting)

Effect of temperature on HSA structure inferred using timeresolved room-temperature phosphorescence

Stopped flow time‐resolved fluorescence study of serum albumin – curcuminoid binding

Dye‐protein binding monitored in a microliter volume using time-resolved fluorescence

Protein A280 for Protein Concentration

Fluorescence Anisotropy Studies

Selective excitation of tryptophan fluorescence decay in proteins using a subnanosecond 295 nm light-emitting diode and time-correlated single-photon counting

MCS and Protein Phosphorescence

FRET with a HORIBA Phosphorimeter

Detecting Conformational Rotamers via TCSPC

Fluorescent Pigments in Living Coral

Visualizing local viscosity using fluorescence lifetime microscopy

Fluorescence of Molecular Beacons

Quantum Dot Absorbance, Photoluminescence Spectra and Lifetimes

Elucidating Local Viscosity Using Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements

The NanoLog Series: A New Generation of Performance

Measuring Silica Nanoparticles via Fluorescence Anisotropy

Plasmon enhancement of protein fluorescence by silver nanostructures

Nanophotonics with Fluorescence Instruments

Near-IR Photoluminescence of Quantum Dots

Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of Quantum Dots

Fluorescence Spectra from Carbon Nanotubes with the NanoLog

Photoluminescence of SWNTs

Better Signal-to-Noise Ratios for Carbon Nanotube Spectra

Assessing UV Damage of Hair with Fluorescence

Visualizing dental caries using fluorescence lifetime microscopy