After exciting a sample, a Fluorometer allow us to obtain and measure various attributes of that sample’s fluorescence, including its intensity, spectral wavelengths and lifetime. The fluorescence of a sample can be an indirect probe of the sample's environment, describing the solvent-solute interactions, inter- and intramolecular interactions, and so on. Fluorescence can be used for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples.

Analytical measurements provided by Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instrumentation are used in multiple applications including chemistry, biochemistry, medical research, pharmaceuticals, food science, environmental studies and nanotechnology. Fluorescence spectroscopy instruments have been used to examine counterfeit banknotes, materials for optoelectronics, and proteins.

Our Fluorometers can accommodate any size work-area, and are available as compact or benchtop models, or as large modular systems, to suit your requirements. In addition, our Fluorometers can be coupled to become modular Fluorometer systems, or supercontinuum white-light laser-powered lifetime Fluorometers!

HORIBA’s Fluorometers offer incredibly fast lifetime determinations down to picoseconds, deep UV absorbance and fluorescence excitation from as short as 200 nm in the UV, all the way to near-IR wavelengths of 1000 nm.

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EzSpec Software Intro

EzSpec Software is fast, efficient, and user friendly. The high quality graphics and intuitive design will delight students and professionals. See why EzSpec and Duetta are setting the standard for analytical instrumentation. For more info go to Duetta webpage.


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Why is Duetta different?

Listen to our interview on AZO Networks for insight into the current market of fluorometers and what makes Duetta different. 


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Duetta Wins Gold

Revolutionary Two-In-One Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer Honored for Ingenuity and Innovation

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in fluorescence instrumentation and solutions, is proud to announce that its new Duetta two-in-one fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer won the Gold Pittcon Today Excellence Award in the ‘over $100 million sales’ category.


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Duetta Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer

From the global leaders in fluorescence comes a new bench-top instrument and a new concept for analytical molecular spectroscopy.


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Steady-State Fluorescence Spectrofluorometers

Our steady-state fluorescence spectroscopy looks at the long-term average Fluorescence of a sample when irradiated with UV, Visible or near-IR Light.

These research-grade fluorometers are compact, benchtop or modular, and customizable for any sort of Fluorometry, be it Fluorescence detection or Phosphorescence studies your research requires.

Multifunction Steady-State and Lifetime Spectrofluorometers

HORIBA Scientific's multifunction fluorometers combine the best of both worlds: our multifunction instruments perform both steady-state and TCSPC lifetime fluorescence spectroscopy with the highest sensitivity and fast time resolution.

Lifetime Fluorescence Spectrofluorometers

Lifetime fluorescence spectroscopy or time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy investigates the change in fluorescence over time of a sample when irradiated with UV, visible, or near-IR light. This decay in fluorescence can be measured over a wide time range: from picoseconds to milliseconds and beyond.

Fluorescence Software

HORIBA Scientific offers Fluorescence Spectroscopy software tailored precisely for the types of experiments you perform. Our software runs through the Windows® environment, and controls all aspects of your system, from control of the slits at the entrance and exit ports of your spectrograph, to detector gain, system correction files, blank-subtraction, and automated batch-processing.

In addition, our software performs post-experimental modeling using the latest in mathematical techniques, and adds the power of an advanced graphical display and flexibility to export via many popular file-formats.

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Fluorescence – Hybrid Picosecond Photon Detector (HPPD) Series
MoreFluorescence – Hybrid Picosecond Photon Detector (HPPD) Series
HORIBA’s latest development in TCSPC detector technology
EzSpec Software
MoreEzSpec Software
Spectroscopy Solutions - Pulsed Laser and LED Light Sources - DeltaDiode
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Pulsed Laser and LED Light Sources - DeltaDiode
Turn key laser and LEDs sources with picosecond pulse and repetition rate up to 100 MHz
Spectroscopy Solutions - Phosphorescence Lifetime Spectrometer – EasyLife L
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Phosphorescence Lifetime Spectrometer – EasyLife L
Low cost phosphorescence spectrometer from few microseconds to 300 milliseconds
For Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotube Excitation‐Emission Map Simulation and Analysis
Spectroscopy Solutions - Lifetime Fluorescence Spectrometer – EasyLife X
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions - Lifetime Fluorescence Spectrometer – EasyLife X
Low cost and easy to use time resolved fluorometer for lifetimes down to 150 ps
Duetta Fluorescence and Absorbance spectrometer
Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer
New PTI QuantaMaster 8000 Series Fluorometers
MoreFluorescence – Steady State and Lifetime Modular Spectrofluorometer – QuantaMaster 8000
Simply the most sensitive and versatile benchtop steady state research fluorometers on the market
Fluorescence – Calcium Imaging Microscope – RatioMaster
MoreFluorescence – Calcium Imaging Microscope – RatioMaster
Fluorescence microscope for intracellular Calcium, Sodium and Magnesium ion concentrations
Fluorescence – Ca Imaging System – EasyRatioPro
MoreFluorescence – Ca Imaging System – EasyRatioPro
Fluorescence microscopy for intracellular Ca measurements
Fluorescence – Ultra Fast TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer – Ultima
MoreFluorescence – Ultra Fast TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer – Ultima
TCSPC lifetime system for the measurements of short lifetimes down to 5 ps
Fluorescence – LED Phosphorescence Light Sources – SpectraLED
MoreFluorescence – LED Phosphorescence Light Sources – SpectraLED
Innovative and affordable pulsed light source for phosphorescence measurements from deep UV to NIR
Fluorescence – Photon Counting Detector – PPD
MoreFluorescence – Photon Counting Detector – PPD
Single photons detection with picosecond accuracy
Fluorescence – Pulsed Laser and LED Light Sources – NanoLED
MoreFluorescence – Pulsed Laser and LED Light Sources – NanoLED
Innovative and affordable pulsed light source for lifetime fluorescence down to 70 ps
FluoroHub A+
MoreFluoroHub A+
TCSPC Lifetime Controller
MoreFluorescence – Steady State and Lifetime Modular Spectrofluorometer – Fluorolog
Most recognized, sensitive and versatile modular spectrofluorometer on the market with TCSPC lifetimes and interchangeable accessories
Fluorescence – TCSPC Lifetime Kit – DeltaTime
MoreFluorescence – TCSPC Lifetime Kit – DeltaTime
Fast, flexible and affordable plug-in TCSPC lifetime system for Horiba Steady State Instruments, outperforming any other multifunctional fluorescence system on the market, integrating accessories with the widest array of picosecond light sources
The DeltaPro has taken the complexity TCSPC and made it simple and affordable
MoreFluorescence – TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer – DeltaPro
Compact, affordable and modular fluorescence lifetime spectrometer – time correlated single photon counting for any lab
MoreFluorescence – TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer – DeltaFlex
High performance and flexible fluorescence lifetime spectrometer for fast and efficient acquisition of TCSPC lifetime data
MoreFluorescence – Steady State and Lifetime Nanotechnology Spectrofluorometer – Nanolog
Our modular Nanolog Spectrofluorometer is specifically designed for research in nanotechnology and namomaterials
MoreFluorescence – Water Treatment Plant Analyzer - Aqualog
A better, faster and economical method for monitoring organics
Steady State and Lifetime Bench-top Spectrofluorometer


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