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Grating Spectrometers

Optical Spectrometers – Grating Spectrometers – USB Spectrometers – CCD Spectrometers Miniature Spectrometer – Fiber Spectrometer – Imaging Spectrometer – OEM Spectrometer

From miniature fiber spectrometer to research grade grating spectrometer systems with TE or LN2 cooled CCD and InGaAs detectors.

HORIBA Scientific provides miniature CCD & PDA USB spectrometers as well as 70 to 1250 mm focal length imaging spectrometers with single and multichannel detectors.

If you are not a future OEM and are looking for larger, research-grade spectroscopy systems (1/4 meter spectrometers and longer focal length), please visit our Custom Spectroscopy Division

UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometers

Innovative, customer-focused spectroscopic  solutions covering spectral range of  180 -1700 nm 

Multi-spectra Spectrometers

Providing simultaneous measurements up to 32 channels, excellent imaging and as low as 0.1% crosstalk

Hyperspectral Imaging System

Imaging Spectrometer for Hyperspectral Application

Spectroscopic instruments for push-broom applications combining high spectral and spatial resolution

Miniature Spectrometers

Ultra compact fiber-coupled instruments for portable applications in the 180 - 1700 nm range

Mini Raman Spectrometers

Complete range of miniature Raman components and full systems with deep-cooled CCD cameras

  • Mini CCT 532 and 785 nm
  • CiCi-Raman-NIR
  • CC-Raman-Green
  • Integrated Raman System (SERS, Flow cell…)

Compact VUV CCD Spectrometer

For far UV applications, combining high resolution and low stray light

OES Spectrometers

OES-Star UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer

The Ultimate OES Spectrometer Extended Spectral Range UV to NIR with 1 nm resolution Ultra-high throughput


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