Scientific: OEM

OES Spectrometers

OES spectrometers optimized for semiconductor applications including plasma monitoring and reflectometry.

The OES-Star and VS70-MC are our latest additions to our line of Optical Emission Spectrometers

and feature an extended spectral range, higher spectral resolution and our Multi Communications interface: (MC= EtherCAT, Ethernet, USB-2).

The M116 is a new imaging spectrometer with a high speed Scientific 2D CMOS sensor which allows the monitoring of 8, 16 or 32 fiber optic channels, fully simultaneously.


OES Star UV-VIS-NIR OES High End Spectrometer

UV-VIS-NIR OES Spectrometer 190-1050 nm High throughput - High resolution


VS70-MC Miniature Multi Communication UV-NIR Spectrometer

Miniature Multi Communication UV-NIR Spectrometer


High Speed Miniature CCD OES Spectrometer 190 – 850 nm Miniature unit – Mid performance

PoliSpectra® M116

Multispectra, Multifiber, Multichannel Imaging spectrometer with 8-16-32 Simultaneous UV-NIR Spectra


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