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Spanning topics from introductory discussions to advanced applications and industry groups, the HORIBA particles webinar series is a great source of information on the world of particles. To learn about upcoming webinars and more, sign-up for our Particle Characterization Newsletter.

Next Webinar:

October 1st at 1:30 PM Eastern, 10:30 AM Pacific
How to Achieve One-Coat, High Hiding Power Paints by Optimizing Titanium Dioxide Pigments
Glenn Evers | Coating Consultant
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Glenn Evers, international titanium dioxide consultant and former DuPont TiO2 research scientist & inventor will reveal pigment properties needed for the most valuable next generation paint.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • Basic properties of white TiO2 pigment for paints.
  • Particle size properties of resins and pigments to optimize water-based paints.
  • How to achieve a high Return on Investment (ROI) using a particle size instrument.
  • Why one-coat paints have room for improvement.

Future Webinars (subject to change)

October 6th at 1:30 PM Eastern, 10:30 AM Pacific
Unveiling the LA-960 V2
Dr. Jeff Bodycomb | Product Line Manager – HORIBA Instruments
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Particle Analysis by laser diffraction: innovation continues. The LA-960V2 laser diffraction particle size analyzer advances scientific knowledge for tomorrow's world through intuitive software, unique accessories, and high performance.  The NEW "V2" can easily measure nanoparticles (10 nm) to 5,000 µm in less than 60 seconds with accurate, reproducible results. In addition, by adding the LY-9610 Imaging Unit Accessory (sold separately), you can see your particles in real time when running the wet system.

Join Jeff Bodycomb at 10:30 Pacific, 1:30 Eastern on Tuesday, October 6 as he unveils the latest in laser diffraction.

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