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Nanoscale chemical imaging using tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

This protocol details procedures that will enable researchers to reliably perform TERS imaging using a transmission-mode AFM-TERS configuration on both biological and non-biological samples.

Tip-Enhanced Raman Imaging of Single-Stranded DNA with Single Base Resolution

The proof of subnanometer resolution using TERS is demonstrated. The authors show direct nucleic acid sequencing using TERS of a single-stranded DNA. TERS signals with a step of 0.5 nm are collected, an optical resolution comparable to the bond length between two adjacent DNA bases.

Taking the Plunge: Nanoscale Chemical Imaging of Functionalized Gold Triangles in H2O via TERS

Nanoscale chemical imaging in aqueous solution via TERS, with sub-15 nm spatial resolution, is demonstrated. Optical fields of a plasmonic substrate in aqueous solution are directly imaged, showing the potential of TERS to follow chemical transformations at solid-liquid interfaces.