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HORIBA Scientific is the world leader in Raman spectroscopy, with the benefits of more than 50 years of innovation in the technique. Raman microscopy is a technique which allows fast, non-destructive chemical analysis of solids, powders, liquids, and gases – today, Raman spectroscopy is used in many varied fields, from fundamental research up to applied solutions.

We provide complete Raman spectroscopy solutions for analytical measurements, research Raman, UV Raman, QC/QA and industrial Raman applications. These include Raman spectrometers, hybrid Raman systems (such as AFM-Raman), modular Raman systems, transmission Raman analyzers, dedicated in situ process Raman spectrometers, and miniaturized Raman instruments for high volume OEM manufacturers. Our Raman spectroscopy instruments are used in prestigious universities, research laboratories, in demanding industries with production lines across the world, and are well-known for:

  • Stability/Reliability obtained from a robust design approach
  • High-performance and speed enabled by our many Ultrafast Imaging patented functionalities
  • Ease of use thanks to our renowned LabSpec software suite
  • Overall improved User Experience and time saved with increased Automation wherever you need it
  • Possibility to achieve nanoscale measurements through TERS by combining the Raman spectrometer with our AFM technology


AFM Upgrade - From Microscopy to Nanoscopy

Your XploRA and LabRAM HR Evolution Raman microscopes, but also your iHR spectrometers, can all be upgraded to NanoRaman with the integration of our AFM and its optical platform, the OmegaScope, to your instrument.

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The Raman signature of protonic species as a potential tool for dating or authentication of glazed pottery

In this study, the potential of Raman spectroscopy is discussed for the comparative dating or authentication of glazed pottery based on the Raman signature of protonic species incorporated in the glazes due to the corrosion processes as a function of time, chemical composition, and environmental conditions.
HORIBA Scientific is proud to have these authors as customers!

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50 years of Innovation in Raman

Celebrate 50 years of Raman Imaging and Spectroscopy.

Learn more about HORIBA innovation all over these years.

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Application Note - Morphological and chemical characterizations of microplastic particles

The scientific community is increasingly interested in environmental contamination by plastics. Recently, this interest in the contamination of aquatic systems by plastics has shifted to smaller particles, microplastics.

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Raman research solutions

From high performance confocal Raman microscopes to tailor-made solutions and hyphenations, we have been supporting research endeavors since 1968!

Raman analytical solutions

From microscopy to benchtop Raman spectrometers, discover HORIBA's full range of high-end solutions to solve all laboratories' analysis challenges

Raman building blocks

Our OEM and Optical Spectroscopy Divisions' purpose is to support any project including Raman and correlative spectroscopy solutions

Application corner

From pharmaceutical sciences to archaeometry, including energy and forensics, discover the power of Raman for any field of applications


Technology & FAQ

Raman microscopy is a technique which allows fast, non-destructive chemical analysis of solids, powders, liquids, and gases. Learn more about this technique on the Technology pages.

Raman trainings

Our trainers are experts in the Raman technique. They will provide trainings advice and guidance to maximize the benefits of your HORIBA Scientific instrument, and provide you with confidence and experience in the analysis of your samples.

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Raman Spectrometer - Confocal Raman Microscope

LabRAM HR Evolution
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Confocal Raman Microscope

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AFM-Raman for Physical and Chemical imaging

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Affordable Benchtop Raman Spectrometer

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Inverted Raman Microscope

LabRAM Nano
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AFM-Raman for physical and chemical imaging

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Bench-top macroscopic Raman spectrometer

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Advanced stand-alone AFM

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AFM and inverted light microscopy

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High efficiency dedicated process Raman spectrometer for rugged and robust Raman monitoring.

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Modular TeraHertz Raman Spectrometer
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Affordable ultra-low frequency Raman spectrometer down to 10 cm-1

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OEM Miniature Raman Systems and Components

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MINI-CCT+ Mini Raman Spectrometer

UV Raman Spectrometer
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Best-in-class Raman Imaging & High Resolution Spectrometer


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