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We make a broad range of light-measuring instruments, from fluorescence spectrometers to Raman spectrometers, and elemental analysis and modular systems. Our Videos On Demand help explain these technologies, and how our instruments work to solve your research problems.


A-TEEM Molecular Fingerpringing

A-TEEM acquires chemical ID with fluorescence spectroscopy

EzSpec Promo

EzSpec Software for Duetta and its winning user experience

Making Fluorescent DNA/RNA with Byron Purse

Byron Purse on his work modifying Fluorescence of DNA and RNA

Aqualog Data Stream™ and Sipper™

Two tools for the entirely seamless, automated Auqalog package

FluoroMax Plus

FluoroMax +, 5th generation of spectrofluorimetry excellence

Spectroscopy in :60 - EEM Comparison

Money down on this Head 2 Head EEM acquisition comparison

Spectroscopy in :60 - Delta Diodes

The simple and ideal excitation sources for TCSPC

Spectroscopy in :60 - A-TEEM™

A-TEEM measures a bunch of dope stuff real fast

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Targeting Toxic Waste With Minerals

Raman spectroscopy reveals what minerals treat toxic waste

Microplastics: Part I

Microplastics are real. Experts talk about what that means

Spectroscopy in :60 - KnowItAll

ID samples with HORIBA Scientific’s KnowItAll infomatic system

Spectroscopy in :60 - Easy Nav

Map over a large area and manuver your measurement location

Spectroscopy in :60 - MacroRAM™ Accessories

Add-on for measuring bulk samples with the MacroRAM

Microplastics: Part II

Experts talk about their research of the microplastics issue

Spectroscopy in :60 - Remote Raman Probes

Accessorize your MacroRAM for maximum versatility & flexibility

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Custom Spectroscopy Solutions

Next Generation Photovoltaics

Making solar energy more efficient for everyone

Multitask Your Microscope™ with Spectroscopy

How many applications is your microscope good for?

Spectroscopy in :60 - SMS-FLIM

SMS Lifetime system for Macro & Nano Material characterization

The Best Nano Particle

Research on energy applications of nanomaterials

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Spectroscopy in :60 - GD OES Technique

GD Profiler 2 performs elemental depth profiling really quickly

Spectroscopy in :60 - GD Profiler 2™ + Quantum™

Acquisitions, real-time measurement, and DiP conversion, wow!

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