Water Quality

Water quality instrumentation provide information on the degree to which water is clean, and whether it is suitable for drinking, for making plants grow, or for fish to live. Water quality can be qualitative and quantitative. The most common standards used to assess water quality relate to health of ecosystems, safety of human contact, and drinking water.

HORIBA provides a wide range of water quality analyzers including:

  • pH, Resistivity, Conductivity and Salinity meters
  • Oxidation-Reduction Potential [ORP] meters
  • Total Dissolved Solids and Dissolved Oxygen meters
  • Ion meters
  • Colored Dissolved Organic matters spectrofluorometer


These instruments are used over a broad range of industries such as:

  • Drinking water for the investigation of colored dissolved organics matters
  • Environmental water for physical indicators such as conductivity, total suspended solids, for chemical indicators pH, dissolved oxygen,
  • Industrial water for dissolved minerals such Calcium ions and salt measurements

pH, Resistivity, Conductivity and Salinity Meters

Portable pH meter


Oxidation-Reduction Potential [ORP] Meters

LAQUAact 100 Series


Total Dissolved Solids and Dissolved Oxygen Meters


Ion meters

LAQUAtwin Na-11

Water Treatment Plant Analyzer

Aqualog - Click here for more information

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Water Treatment Plant Analyzer


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