3D Surface and Volume Display

LabSpec 6 3D Volume

3D confocal volume control and display

3D confocal volume Raman mapping of samples offers a true chemical view of internal structures, using the diffraction limited high spatial resolution chemical interrogation that Raman microscopy offers

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

Typically the experiment acquires a Z-stack of 2D slices through the sample, with a full Raman spectrum associated with each and every pixel of the resulting 3D XYZ volume.

LabSpec 6’s advanced 3D Surface and Volume Display module allows such volume data to be fully interrogated, with full 3D rotation, filtering, transparency and slicing controls. Adjustable lighting can be used to highlight and shadow specific features within the volume. An optional "flight” mode allows viewing from every possible angle and orientation, even from within the volume itself.

3D volume display of an expanded polymer bead within a polymer matrix. The image shows the bead, matrix and immersion oil [Data courtesy: Neil Everall, Intertek Wilton, UK]



In addition, the 3D Surface and Volume Display module provides full 3D rendering of 2D surface images; this is ideally suited for display of AFM topography images, with superimposed Raman chemical information. The user has full control on image rotation, scaling, and adjustable lighting. A “flight mode” option allows the image to be viewed from any possible orientation and angle.

Full 3D surface view of a polysilicon structure, illustrating the total silicon intensity (surface) with distribution of polysilicon, crystalline silicon and nanocrystalline silicon.

3D volume view of a geological inclusion, showing the location of gaseous and aqueous phase carbon dioxide (CO2) in a quartz matrix. The matrix is not shown.


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