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ABX Pentra DF 120 SPS Evolution

Productivity and reliability

Product Description

  • Autoloader with continuous loading capability
  • Double DIFF Matrix
  • Automatic reflex testing
  • Validation station with cytology atlas
  • DHSS technology

ABX Pentra DF 120

  • Methods of measurement: Cytochemistry, impedance, absorbance and flow cytometry
  • Balance Concept: Automatic control of the leukocyte count based on 3 independent channels
  • DHSS: Focused flow cytometry and sequential measurement (impedance and absorbance)
  • Automatic re-run of samples: Selective and programmable (hematology parameters alarms and flags)
  • Rotative mixing of samples: Smooth and efficient
  • Liquid valves ABX (no pinch valves): Reliability and volume accuracy

SPS Evolution

  • Drop needle system: Auto-cleaning drop needle system. Calibration of blood drop.
  • Smearing system: No inter-sampling contamination, No carry-over, Easy to replace.
  • Stainer: Choise of Stain: MGG, Wright, Wright Giemsa. Programmable staining protocol.
Segment: Medical
Division: Hematology
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA ABX SAS

32 parameters
Integrated slide-marker
Expert validation system


Weight170 kg
Power supply

100/240 V - 50/60 Hz - 700 W
laser in stand-by 800 W, (2kW maxi).

Dimensions75 x 167 x 55 (H x W x D) cm
PrinterLaser printer
Throughout120 tests/hour
Data processingOS9
Floppy disc, RS 232C, Mono and bi-directional connection
ComplianceASTM protocol
Memory capacity90 000 results + graphics



Parameters (32)WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, PLT, MPV,PCT*, PDW*, NEU, LYM, MON, EOS, BAS, ALY, LIC, IMM, IMG, IML: (% and #)
GraphsHigh-definition DIFF matrix, PLT, RBC, WBC/BAS curves



Manual mode : 130 µL
Automatic mode : 200 µL 

Slide50 µL
StabilityUp to 48 hours for CBC/DIFF
Operating sample modeAutoloader 15 racks (150 tubes) capacity
Sample mixing in end-over-end rotation mixing
Open tube in STAT mode
IdentificationAlphanumeric, Bar-code reader (internal and external)
Automatic impression in indelible ink on itch slides (3 lines)



ParametersPresicion (cv %)Linearity
WBC< 2%0-150 10³ / mm³
RBC< 2%0-8 106 / mm³
HGB< 1%0-24 g/dl
HCT< 2%0-67%
PLT (whole blood)< 5%0-1900 10³ / mm³
PLT (PLT concentrate)< 5%0-2800 10³ / mm³
LYM< 5%--
MON< 15%--
NEU< 3%--
EOS< 25%--
BAS< 40%--


Blood Control





ABX Difftrol Twin pack - 2L 

2 x 3 mL vial


ABX Difftrol Twin pack - 2N

2 x 3 mL vial


ABX Difftrol Twin pack - 2H

2 x 3 mL vial


ABX Minotrol Retic Twin pack - 2N

2 x 3 mL vial


ABX Minotrol Retic Twin pack - 1L  1H

2 x 3 mL vial


ABX Erytrol Twin pack 2 x level 3

2 x 3 mL vial


ABX Erytrol Twin pack 1 x levels 1 & 2

2 x 3 mL vial






ABX Minocal

1x2 mL

N: normal level, H: high level, L: low level
* Recommended by HORIBA Medical

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