ABX Pentra ML

Centralized Validation

Product Description

Process efficiency in Hematology

An all-in-one validation system entirely dedicated to whole blood

A scalable and adaptable solution to meet your requirements:

  • Reduced slide review
  • Standardization of laboratory practice
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimization of the accreditation procedure
Segment: Medical
Division: Hematology
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA ABX SAS


Quality Control Management

  • Hematology-dedicated QC (multi-level management and collection of lots, presentation of results line by line, XB, Repeatability, Levey-Jennings graphs, etc.)
  • Simultaneous viewing of your controls at 3 different levels
  • Connectivity with your inter-laboratory comparison program

 Standardization of your laboratory guidelines

  • Inter-runs comparisons whatever the instrument (same technology shared across the product range)
  • Reagent standardization
  • Control & calibrator compatible
  • Sharing of identical rules between the central laboratory and all the satellite laboratories
  • Comprehensive catalogue of integrated and customizable multi-criteria rules (validation, re-runs, reflex testing, printing, comments, diagnosis, etc.)
  • Management of complementary reflex testing: Blood counts (Reticulocytes, Erythroblasts), cytology (manual slides or HemaCAM)
  • ISLH diagnostic analysis guidelines

 Optimized decision-making

  • Support for manual validation with centralization of key information (manual and instrument results, anteriority, cell pictures, etc.)
  • Display of current and previous runs
  • Matrix monitoring of pathology evolution
  • Automatic multi-criteria validation of results: Qualitative, Quantitative, Delta check, Demographics, Physician, Comments, etc.
  • Priority given to Delta check


Reagents, quality controls, calibration, maintenance, data handling, settings, communication, errors, blank

Patient Management

  • Automatic validation (setting rules)
  • Patient history (Matrix, curves, data) and Demographic controls
  • Handles stat management
  • Manual entry
  • Automatic back-up of archives using an external media

User Tool – Learning support

  • Integrated cytology atlas : Hematovision
  • Integrated user manual


Fully compatible with the entire HORIBA ABX Pentra hematology range

  • ABX Pentra DX 120, ABX Pentra DF 120
  • ABX Pentra XL 80, ABX Pentra 80
  • ABX Pentra 60 C+, ABX Pentra 60
  • ABX Micros



Pentium® 3.0 GHz

Flat Screen

LCD 20 inch

On-line memory capacity

25,000 results + graphics
100,000 results (without graphics)

Data processing

Windows XP External PC 
RAM (4 Gb), Hard disk (320 Gb)
Floppy disk & DVD reader
Parallel port + RS 232C, USB ports, Ethernet card
Bi-directional connections


ASTM protocol

Optional HemaCAM

Network card

24 inch screen


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